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Contracts and Negotiation

  • service contracts
  • RFPs
  • contract/license negotiation and drafting

Small Business

  • corporate insurance counseling
  • risk management
  • compliance
  • commercial leases
  • buy/sell 
  • franchising agreements
  • vendor/supplier agreements 
  • non-competes
  • management incentive plans
  • separation and release agreements

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      Welcome to The Lile-King Law Firm.  We are transactional and trial attorneys doggedly devoted to representing large and small businesses in the difficult, confusing and sometimes even emotional cases that land on our desks.  Our lawyers have committed their professional careers to analyzing and deconstructing legal mazes, helping clients accomplish objectives with minimal risk and being a strong and clear voice for our clients in the boardroom or the courtroom.  
        We help clients in areas including: 

vendor/supplier agreements
service and licensing contracts  
risk management
buy/sell agreements
employment and labor
franchising and FDDs
trademark infringement
contract negotiation
regulatory compliance, including FMCSA, CFR, FMVSS
commercial real estate leases                                                                   
Non-compete, management incentive plans, separation and release agreements

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